Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals

Living Product Expo 2019

Products with Purpose

The International Living Future Institute invites you to join the movement inspiring the creation of beautiful and healthy products that make the world a better place. Since its launch in 2015, the Living Product Expo has pulled together the world’s leading design firms, manufacturers and sustainability consultants to share game-changing innovations in sustainable product design. This annual exchange has emboldened companies to develop new products made of truly safe materials, informed by biomimicry and biophilia, and manufactured in factories powered by renewable energy and designed to foster worker and community health and happiness.

As the industry is primed to scale this success, we want participants at our fifth Expo, “Products with Purpose”, to share and discover disruptive ideas and technologies that are reshaping the materials landscape and streamlining the path to healthy, regenerative buildings filled with truly sustainable products. We are looking for inspiration in the following tracks for both Project Teams and Manufacturers:

Project Teams

  • Streamlining Healthy Materials Selection
  • Health and Biophillic Design
  • Achieving Materials Health at Scale
  • Healthy Affordable Building Materials



  • Embodied Carbon and Carbon Sequestering Materials
  • Innovation in Green Chemistry
  • Handprinting for Social Impact
  • Harnessing the Circular Economy

Join us by submitting your session to our 2019 Call for Proposals!

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Monday, December 7, 2018 Call for proposals opens
Thursday, January 31, 2019 Deadline to submit proposals (by 11:59 PST)
February 2019 Proposals are reviewed
Late February/Early March 2019 Accepted session notifications sent
Monday, March 25, 2019 Signed Speaker Agreements due
Monday, July 23, 2019 Speaker conference pass registration due

*In appreciation for your contribution to the success of the conference, accepted Presenters and Moderators will be eligible to register for a discounted Full Conference Speaker Pass at the special rate of $450 (registration required).

All session proposals will be reviewed using the following criteria:

  • Demonstrates qualified and engaging presenters with topic-relevant experience, as demonstrated by presenter bios and speaking experience.
  • Facilitation or presentation pedagogy that is innovative, transformative and fresh.
  • Offers a deep understanding of timely and significant content.
  • Demonstrates how to solve problems rather than shift them.
  • The learning objectives are clear, relevant, and challenging for a deep-green audience.
  • Session is designed to engage attendees and foster communication and conversation and ACTION.
  • Sessions must be at minimum 1/3 presentation and 1/3 interactive.

Our events offer learning environments that foster peer-to-peer learning, collaboration, and innovation. You are encouraged to submit interactive, creative, and/or experiential session formats that address problems and foster dialogue between yourself and attendees. Attendees are leaders in the green building movement, sustainable manufacturing industry, interior design space, and more. We feel that the strength of our conferences lies in the sharing of knowledge and experience—not just by you, but also the attendees.

Design your session to run for 90 minutes. In some cases we will ask you to refine or expand your session to 60 – 120 minutes based on space and time configurations. There is a minimum of two Presenters (a Moderator is optional), and maximum of four (4) speakers total (Presenters + Moderators combined).


(15 words max) This is the first point of contact with an attendee, and often the basis of their attendance. Be sure to create a title that accurately describes your session content and builds excitement.


(100 words max) Session abstracts or descriptions should discuss the goal of the session, the target audience, and any prerequisite knowledge. This description appears in the conference programs.


100 – Awareness: Provides general information and understanding on the topic. They transfer new knowledge without substantial action outcomes for the learner. Objectives may be to understand, describe, define, or recognize new information. Our conferences are an advanced educational opportunity. Unless it introduces a new idea, proposals at the 100 level will not be considered.

200 – Understanding/Comprehension: Offers more in-depth material or explanation by the instructor and the opportunity for the participant to interact with the material and be engaged in using the information in practical applications. Objections may be to analyze, assess, select, or compare new information.

300 – Application/Implementation: Requires the learner to be able to complete a definitive action for the course. Allows for an opportunity to gain new knowledge and practice its application on their own. Objectives may be to implement, design, produce or create a tangible product or action.

400 – Mastery: Intended for learners with prior knowledge or experience with the course topic. Includes training on specific technical topics. Objectives may be to appraise, construct, calculate, develop or validate.


Although your topic may cross many disciplines, please choose the below track topic that best fits your session. The Call for Proposals Review Team will make the final decision on track placement.


With recent reports underscoring the dire situation we are facing with climate change, we are looking for the Expo to empower the built environment to scale the development of Net Positive Carbon solutions. This track is an opportunity to showcase new technology, platforms, and industry collaborations that are spurring innovation of materials with low embodied carbon and carbon sequestering attributes, as well as advancements in verified offset opportunities.


Greater collaboration, transparency and innovation around green chemistry have the opportunity to accelerate a future toward healthy products for everyone. This conversation goes far beyond manufacturers: upstream to their suppliers and the chemists that make the ingredients that eventually combine to form a product, and downstream to customers and architects and their design and specification decisions. Innovations in product and process design and manufacture can stimulate ripple effects throughout this value chain toward deep transformation. This track will highlight the industry initiatives, platforms, and technology that are making non-toxic products easier for project teams to identify and afford.


Looking beyond strictly environmental metrics to consider social impacts of their business, manufacturers are starting to create positive social change through their Handprinting actions, known as social co-benefits. Instead of focusing simply on resource efficiency, these manufacturers are motivated to maximize the greatest good they can for society and their local communities. This track will showcase leading companies that are piloting social co-benefits, including partnerships with affordable housing developers and non-profit organizations.


With the growth of ocean plastics and the down market for recycled materials, the Expo aims to inspire design approaches to achieve Net Positive Waste. With the goal to move beyond an extractive economy to a regenerative future, this track will explore opportunities to apply circular strategies to eliminate waste from the manufacturing process, keeping materials in use, and supporting the wellbeing of natural systems to flourish.



Disruptive Innovation; Scaling Up; Open Data & Transparency; Embodied Carbon; Carbon Sequestration; Life Cycle Assessment; Net Zero Carbon; Green Chemistry; Bio-Based Plastics and Feedstocks; Biomimicry; Material Health; Ingredient Transparency; Public Health & Design; Social Justice and Equity; Social Entrepreneurship; Affordable Housing; Circular Economy; Zero Waste; Regenerative Business Models; Maker Movement; Rapid Prototyping; Distributed Manufacturing; and 3-D Printing.


(500-700 words) Describe how you will engage your audience and facilitate learning through activity and engagement. How does it connect to chosen “topic” as well as the theme “Products with Purpose”?

  • A brief introductory element (read “lecture”) may be necessary, but your interactive session could include a simple explanation followed by a guided exercise.
  • Include strategies that you will use to make this session interactive. Digital handouts and/or slides that provide employable solutions for practitioners are strongly encouraged.
  • Include agendas; if multiple speakers are involved, including the sub-topics.
  • Provide discreet goals for individual/group discussion or activity. How and when you will moderate or lecture and how participants will engage with others in the room.


Identify a minimum of four (4) active learning objectives or takeaways. Participants should leave these sessions with new tools and perspectives that will provide them with a clear understanding of how to use what they have learned.


  • Role (i.e., presenter, moderator or facilitator).
  • First and last name, job title, contact information (including city, state; email address and phone number), company/organization;
  • Biography (100 words max, appears on conference program), headshot (if available);

Minimum of three speaking experiences and/or past presentation links for each individual.

The proposal must be completed in one sitting (you cannot save and return to your online form), so please be prepared with all answers prior to starting. Proposals must be prepared in accordance with the submittal requirements, and once submitted a proposal cannot be retroactively edited.


PROPOSALS DUE: Thursday, January 31, 2019

All proposals must be complete, comprehensive, and deemed timely to the audience. The Institute may alter a presentation, increase and/or reduce the number of presenters, select alternate presenters from among those proposed, and/or combine the submitted presentation with other proposed presentations, at its sole discretion. All participants will be contacted independently to confirm their submittal.

During the electronic submittal process, all presenters / moderators / facilitators will be asked to affirm that they understand and will abide by the below policies. Submittals that do not follow the below policies will not be considered.

  • Priority is given to panels that represent the diverse male, female, and ethnic representation. To facilitate this, our goal to have at least 51% female representation among our speakers and presenters and to support ethnic and racial diversity and inclusiveness in our program.
  • Submissions must include speakers who have agreed and accepted the requirements stated in the Call for Submissions. Proposed speakers must acknowledge their availability to present at the conference overall dates and times between October 8 – 10, 2019 prior to the submission of their proposal. Speakers who are not available over all conference dates and times will not be considered. 
  • Speakers who subsequently are unable to attend the conference must notify the Institute’s staff in writing as soon as possible to Replacements must be approved by the Institute who reserves the right to modify or cancel any session based on a change in presenters / moderators / facilitators.
  • If a presenter’s / moderator’s / facilitator’s professional affiliation changes, the Institute’s staff must be notified immediately. The Institute reserves the right to change or remove presenters / moderators / facilitators based on a change of professional affiliation.
  • The Institute may modify any submitted session by adding or removing speakers or requesting content changes or additions.
  • No sessions based on an advertisement or product will be accepted into the program.
  • In an effort to be a paperless conference, the distribution of handouts during the session is discouraged, but practical, work-enhancing digital handouts are strongly encouraged.
  • In appreciation for their contribution to the success of the conference, accepted speakers will be eligible to register for a Conference Pass at the discounted speaker rate of $450. Registration is required for all speakers, and discount codes will be provided upon acceptance.

Exceptions to these policies may be made at the discretion of the Institute.  Please contact us at with questions about policies.


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